Student Guide: Submitting a Panopto video assignment within Blackboard Ultra

Your video assignment will be submitted in Panopto. To submit your assignment within Panopto using your computer:

  1. Click “Use the editor to format your answer” below to open the Content Editor.
  2. In the formatting bar, click the “+” button, and then select “LTI Item”.
  3. In the Content Market list, select “Panopto Videos (Student Submission Tool).”
  4. In the Student Submission Tool, select “Upload” tab to upload an existing video from your computer.
  5. When your video is finished uploading, select the “Insert” button to return to the assignment.
  6. In the Insert LTI Item window, select “Insert” again to insert your video into the assignment.
  7. Select “Submit” to submit your assignment.

While you may use the Panopto editor to trim your video assignment, your instructor may still be able to access the entire recording.

For complete instructions with screenshots, visit our Submitting a Video Assignment to Instructors in Blackboard Ultra guide.

Should you require any assistance, feel free to contact Humber’s Panopto Support Team for support.