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Video Accessibility

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My name is Lisa DiBarbora, I am a member of Humber’s Panopto Support team. One of Humber’s mandates is to promote an inclusive and accessible learning environment, and Panopto’s captioning tool provides Humber with a quick and easy way to meet that mandate.

What I really like about Panopto’s Captioning Tool is:

  • It takes as little as 2 clicks to caption your videos with approximately 85% accuracy (using Automatic Speech Recognition – ASR)
  • Once your videos are captioned, your learners can either view them traditionally (below the video), or use the interactive transcript to “read through” your video and click to advance to the section that they would like to watch!

By leveraging Panopto’s automatic captioning (ASR), faculty can import the captions and then revise them to ensure that they are accurate – saving an incredible amount of time in comparison to other captioning methods.

Learn more about automatic captions in the video below.

Check out the following job aid for more accessibility tips.

Job Aid PDF image

If you have any questions about other caption services available, feel free to reach out to Humber’s Panopto Support team.