December News Update

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Hello Humber!

We have another Panopto news update to share with the community.

Since our update to the community at the end of September, Panopto has continued to grow in usage, and we are thrilled to share the numbers in comparison.

  • 2,600+ users (growth of 1,600+)
  • 6,000+ videos (from 2,800+ in October)

Check out the new and improved “Resources” section on Humber’s Panopto Portal for quick self-serve guidance on how to create, upload, and share your Panopto videos.

Here are a few ways in which you can leverage Panopto to support you and your students towards the end of the semester:

  • Create a 2-3 minute video explaining the top 3 challenging topics of the week/month.
  • Use the Panopto Desktop App to capture your face, voice, and screen, and provide your students with video-based feedback.
  • Create a quick video tutorial showing your students how to use specialized equipment; use Panopto for iOS or Panopto for Android to quickly share it with your students.

Migration Notice

Humber’s Panopto Support Team is actively working with Panopto to have Humber’s platform moved to Canadian servers. The migration will have minimal impact on the community. The migration will take place in Winter 2020 semester. We will send an update with advance notice, which will include everything you’ll need to know.


Workshops and on-demand training options remain available to all faculty and staff throughout Fall 2019. Visit the newly-developed events calendar for a current listing, or keep an eye out on the Communiqué for further updates.

Closing Notes

If you have any questions about Panopto at Humber, or have any feedback or success stories, feel free to reach out to Humber’s Panopto Support Team, who will be happy to assist.

If you haven’t hopped on board with Panopto just yet – we highly encourage you to login and discover just how easy it is to create engaging, effective videos. Login today!


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